Carpet is Still Michigan’s #1 Choice for Flooring

Installing carpet comes with a number of benefits too good to pass up, especially if you have children or older adults living in the home.

Today’s carpets are available in an extensive amount of colors, textures, patterns, and price levels, making it one of the most versatile choices for flooring. At Mr Bid, we help you narrow down your carpet choices, so you can zero in on a few styles and colors that will add the warmth, comfort, and style that you can only get from carpeting.

Key Benefits of Carpeting

The number one benefit for carpeting your floor is safety. Not only is carpet naturally slip-resistant, if you do happen to fall, it’s soft surface and cushioned padding will soften the impact. Carpet provides warmth, insulation, and best of all, sound reduction. If your home is drafty, covering your floor with carpet will reduce the draft and help you maintain a comfortable room temperature. If you have children, adults who are hard of hearing, or pets, adding carpeting will help absorb the sounds from loud televisions, barking dogs, and kids at play. Finally, with the added stain-resistant features found in most carpet styles, carpets are easy to maintain with regular vacuuming and cleaning.

How to Choose Carpet for Your Home

Depending on your needs, carpeting can be a big investment for your home. The first step in choosing carpet for your home is deciding on the proper fiber for your needs. If you have kids or are installing carpet in a high traffic area, you’ll need a durable fiber like nylon. Nylon is very durable, easy to clean and will last a long time.

Polyester, or PET, carpets are also stain resistant, but they are harder to clean. People love polyester carpets for their soft textures and vibrant colors.

Olefin is another carpet fiber that is inexpensive and resists fading, but it is not as resilient as nylon. A popular olefin carpet style is Berber. It’s favored by people with families for its resistance to stains, static, and mildew.

Once you choose the ideal carpet fiber, style, and color for your home, it’s important to have it professionally installed. Most carpet problems are the result of poor installation. Things like bad seaming, thin padding, and lack of stretching add up to terrible looking carpet. You can avoid those issues and enjoy beautiful carpet that lasts a lifetime when it's installed by the professionals at Mr Bid!

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Find These Name Brand Carpets and More at Mr Bid

  • Mohawk
  • DreamWeaver
  • Shaw
  • American Carpet Group
  • Stanton
  • Unique Carpets
  • J+J Carpets
  • Pentz
  • Southwinds

For help choosing the right carpet for your room, come to Mr Bid. Our flooring experts can guide you through fibers, styles, and colors, and then provide an accurate room measurements and professional installation for whatever carpet you choose.