Open Shelving In The Kitchen

As the trend for fewer upper cabinets has grown, these cabinets tend to be replaced with open shelving.  To choose the right shelving, it is important to think about how you use your kitchen and how you want your new space to function.

My favorite HGTV star, Joanna Gaines, put together a great post about this subject.

Here are some of the things she suggest you should ask yourself when you are considering open shelving :

  1   Why do you need shelves? What will you want to store on them? This will be important for determining which type of unit will be best for supporting the weight of your items.

  2   Where will your shelves be hung? How much space do you have to work with? This will help determine if a standard size will work for you or if you’ll need to hire a professional to do something more custom.

  3   Where are your anchor points? Anchor points are where your nail will be drilled into the wall to hang your shelving. Whether you are choosing to install custom or prefabricated shelving, it’s important to know what you’re screwing into. This is something you need to think about especially if you’re considering custom shelving. Whenever possible, be sure to hang open shelving where you’ll be able to drill into a stud (the vertical framing members in the wall.) This will give the shelf extra support and ensure that the nails do not rip out of the wall.


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